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Jntuh jntu materials for cse 3-2 r09


Basic Electrical Engineering (BEE)(Updated)


Basic Electronics PPT’s (Covers All Basics of Electronics)


Building Materials, Construction & Planning (BMCP)


Computer Programming & Data Structures (CPDS/C&DS)(Updated)

C- Programming(Updated)

C-Language Notes(Updated)

C++ Tutorial

Complier Design

Computer Graphics (CG)(Updated)

Computer Organization (CO)(Updated)

Computer Architecture & Organization(Updated)

Computer System Organization(Updated)

Computer Networks (CN)(Updated)

Complex Variables and Statistical Methods

Concrete Technology

CN lab VIVA Questions

Computer Systems Modelling

Client Server Computing(Updated)

Control Systems(Updated)

Computer Fundamentals (All PPT Files – Give Complete Info on Basics Of Computers Fundamentals)

Cellular and Mobile Communications (CMC)(Updated)

Cryptography & Network Security

Cyber Laws