jntuh jntu materials for cse 3-1

The materials are placed according to the alphabetical order. This is the one stop posting for all materials in JNTUWORLD. Maximum All the materials will be having unit wise notes.Search For the notes before Requesting any materials. search for the subject & Just click on the subject names to get the notes. The list is divided into 11 sub pages so that the pages can load faster, By dividing the page into sub the clumsiness can be avoided.so check the subjects properly before downloading.If you are having another materials in soft or hard,if you are willing to submit us,just send us a mail so that we get in touch with you.

1st Year Materials – Click Here (Updated)


Advanced Computer Architecture(ACA)(Updated)

Advance Digital signal processing (Advance DSP)(Updated)

Advanced Java & Web Technologies (Updated)

Advanced Data Structures(ADS)(Updated)

ADHOC & Sensor Networks (Updated)

Alternative Fuels For Automobiles (Updated)

Antennas and Wave Propagation(Updated)

Analog Communications (Updated)

Applied Physics (AP) (Updated)

Artificial Intelligence (AI)(Updated)

Artificial Intelligence & Neural Networks (AINN) Study Materials & Important Questions(Updated)

Automata Complier Design(Updated)

Automotive Chassis and Suspension

Automotive Electric and Autotronics

Auto Air Conditioning

Automation & Robotics