JNTU-HYD:IV year II semester Advanced Supplymentary July 2015 notification

Sub: JNTUH, Hyderabad – Examination Branch – IV B.Tech. / B.Pharmacy II Semester
Advanced supplementary exams July – 2015 Instructions to the Principals–Reg.
* * * * *
The Principals of the constituent and affiliated B.Tech / B.Pharmacy Colleges are hereby informed that
the University Examination Branch issues notification for the conduct of B.Tech./ B.Pharmacy
Advanced supplementary examinations during July – 2015
This notification is issued for the conduct of following examinations:-

4-2 exam notification

The Principals are requested to note the following instructions.
1. Every college has to make the consolidated fees (Exam. Registration fee + Postal Logistic Service
Charges) payment for all the above examinations in the form of a single RTGS / NEFT / GRPT Transfer
to the Registrar’s Bank Account No.62079988622 (State Bank of Hyderabad, JNTUH Campus Branch,
IFSC/RTGS/GRPT Code: SBHY0021008).

2. Different deadlines for schedule of events, booklet collection schedules and other details are
mentioned here under.

4-2 exam notification


3. These examinations online registration service will be available from 8th June, 2015 onwards.

4. The registration Url’s are same as that of Url’s used in the May -2015 examinations registration.

4-2 exam notification

4-2 exam notification

4-2 exam notification

5. In the case of Physically Handicapped students (deaf, dumb, hearing impaired, orthopedically handicapped and visually handicapped) as per University letter No. JNTUH/EB/Concessions to Handicapped students / 2010(1),  dt.26-04-2010, the Principals are requested to allow for exemption of the examination fee for such students The relevant documental evidence and the list of those students is to be submitted at the counter in the Examination Branch on the day of stationary collection.

6. Do not carryout any correction in the subjects registered after the registration deadline. Even for the
candidates who pass in RC/RV, deletion should not be done. All such cases will attract the late fee
which is prevailing on that date of correction. The registrations of such student who passed in RC / RV
will be cleared by the exam branch before making the payment for University examinations
registrations. All the requests for other types of corrections are to be made separately by the Principals
on their letter heads to Director of Evaluation.

7. If any student applied for RC/RV and if the results are not declared by the time of start of registrations
for exams., the candidates are advised to register as per the time schedule given in the notification even
for the subjects in which they have failed and waiting for RC/RV results. However, if the candidate
passes the examination in RC/RV results, the Principals are requested to take necessary steps to refund
exam. fee paid by the students for the subjects in which he/she passed and transfer the consolidated fees
excluding the above amount.

8. If any correction is received after the closure of the registrations, all such corrections will attract a
penalty of Rs.100/- per subject, per student now onwards. Hence the Principals are requested to
thoroughly verify before carrying out the registrations.

9. Upload of information about the usage of blank booklets is mandatory. Other-wise it may lead to
non-declaration of result. The Part-1 cut-slips of such used blank answer booklets (generally such cutslips
in any college shall be a single digit number) are to be sent in a separate envelope along with the
exam material on the last exam day. On top of the cover, it should be clearly mentioned as “ College
Code – Part-1 cutlips of used answer booklets”. Please note that this is in addition to the practice of
uploading the blank booklet details to the registration server, on the day of the Exam, along with the DForms.

10.D-Form for each session should be uploaded within one hour after completion of examination duly
incorporating malpractice / court cases. If any college fails to upload the D-Forms, the EDEP question
papers of the following day shall not be kept in their respective Principal accounts. Principals are
requested to take necessary care during upload of D-form. Any failure in upload due to technical
problems must be brought to the notice of Info-Plus immediately (Mobile Nos. : 7893198760,7893198761,

11. Whenever a pre-printed Answer Book is found stitched with multiple OMRs, , such Answer Book
should not be distributed to the students. In such cases Blank Answer Books should be distributed to
the concerned students. For such cases the blank booklets issued along with Pre-Printed booklets only
should be used. Blank booklets of previous exams should not be used under any circumstances. The
Answer Books with multiple OMRs should be returned in a separate sealed cover along with the part – I
cut slips of only blank answer booklets along with the answer booklets on the day of the last exam in
the current series.

12. Answer scripts of the Malpractice cases are to be kept in a separate sealed cover and sent to ACE
(Academic & Legal), Examination Branch, JNTUH, Kukatpally, Hyderabad-500085 and such cases are
to be reported as Malpractice Cases in D-form. The exam answer scripts of the students which belong to
‘Court case’ category are to be included in the answer booklets bundles of other students of same section
and addressed to the concerned ACEs. However the exam booklets of ‘malpractice cases’ are to be
separately packed and to be send to ACE (Academic & Legal).

13. The parent colleges have to hand-over their blank booklets also to the Host College and get back all
un-used answer booklets after the last exam. The parent colleges are request to collect the present &
absent statements along with D-forms.

14. The blank answer booklets should not be exchanged among the colleges. The Univ. exam branch
maintains the record of range of answer booklets given to each college, if exchange happens anywhere, it
will be treated as malpractice and serious action will be taken on both the issued college and used
15. Notifications for the above examinations are enclosed along with this letter. The Principals are
requested to display the same in the student notice board.

16. The Cooperation of the Principals is highly solicited for smooth processing and early
declaration of examination results.

4-2 exam notification

4-2 exam notification